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Providing Orthopedic Care - Dr. Mahajan’s Orthocare Clinic

Dr. Mahajan’s Orthocare Clinic have more than decades of experience providing orthopedic care to Pune and the surrounding areas offering patient evaluation and treatment of orthopedic conditions for all ages. Our highly skilled team of orthopedic professionals provides diagnosis and treatment for the musculoskeletal system. We specialize in orthopedic trauma and offer a center for joint replacement using the latest technologies available. As joint replacement surgeons, we make it a point to stay up-to-date with new orthopedic surgeries as they arise.

Joint Implant Surgery

Joint replacement surgery involves the surgical replacement of arthritic or diseased bone / joint surfaces with implants which will restore proper, pain-free function of the joint.

Fracture Care and Casting

The most important concept to get out of this site is that of FRACTURE REMODELING. Pediatric fractures are different than adult fractures.

Pain Management

A qualified Pain Management Specialist is a Medical Doctor with additional training and experience in the advanced techniques of pain relief.


Orthopaedic Surgeries

Orthopedic surgery or orthopedics is the branch of surgery concerned with conditions involving the musculoskeletal system


physical therapy focuses on the problems from the muscular skeletal system (muscles, bones, ligaments or tendons)

Deformity Correction

There are a number of birth defects that result in limb length discrepancies and congenitally short limbs.

Adjacent Pharmacy

Specifically, our pharmeticual treatment improve axial motion alone or shear motion on fracture healing.

Welcome To Mahajan Health Care

Dr. Mahajan’s Orthocare Clinic - is an Orthopaedic Center in Pune. We have excellent team of doctors headed by Dr. Abhishek Suresh Mahajan MBBS, MS (ortho). He is an orthopaedic surgeon serving people in Satara City and adjoining area which matches the best global practices at an affordable cost.

  • Spine Surgeries
  • Sports injuries
  • Epidural steroids
  • Physiotherapy

Memberships: Indian orthopaedic association, Indian Medical Association, Maharashtra orthopaedic association, Bombay orthopaedic society, indian arthroscopy society, indian society of hip & knee surgeons, SICOT

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